Spectruth Academy & Clinic


Spectruth solves many problems parents face by offering services in clinical therapy, early childhood special education, and intervention within a 3D virtual world accessible by phone, tablet, computer and VR hardware. 

In a world where millions of children face lockdowns, bullying, underfunded curriculums, political correctness over knowledge, loss of cultural identity, loss of ethnic pride, and migrations Spectruth will provide the following:

  • using artificial intelligent engines to provide precision teaching with direct instruction and modeling.  (precision teaching with direct instruction and modeling because it is the best and most effective method of teaching)

  • using a 3D virtual reality learning environment to create an immersive learning environment where students retain 75% of the material verses 10% retention using traditional learning methods,

  • focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with an emphasis in global history.  (postmodern theories like gender identity and critical race theory will not be taught)

  • the curriculum is available at all times so children can access it at any time,

  • bully-free environment,

  • observant of religious holidays,

  • hands-on virtual reality special classes that will assist in real-world preparation,

  • access to experienced mentors,

  • accessible via phone, tablets, computers, and virtual reality hardware

  • safe social networking environment where children can gather and make life-long friendships.  

Our Program

Sectruth uses Open 3D Engine to develop a 3D virtual reality learning Academy and therapy Clinic metaverses that are accessible using phones, computers and VR hardware.  The Academy will provide an US k-12 education with diploma while the Clinic will provide access to therapy and training.   Metaverse is a popular term that describes when many different 3D virtual spaces come together seamlessly where people see, touch and feel what their online avatars experience.  Our program will evolve into being an AI guided education and therapy metaverse experience.

The Academy is comprised of the Town Hall, Learning Center, Marketplace, and Museum with each area bringing new opportunities and unique user experiences.  People using VR hardware like headsets, gloves and vests will be able to fully immerse themselves by seeing, touching, and feeling what their online avatar's experience.   We will fill the vacuum caused by schools not focusing on cored education.  Our goal is to use scientifically proven methods to have our students test in the top 1% of standardized testing. 

In additional to the unique 3D virtual environment, an artificial intelligent ("AI") virtual robot ("Robot") will be assigned to each student during their first login.  The Robot will orient the student to our metaverse's unique features, help with tutoring, practice social skills, recommends friends and events, and joins them as they explore the Academy.  The Robot's AI learns from every interaction and becomes a vital life-long friend and companion.  

Language translation software will allow students to make friends all over the world by allowing various languages to be instantly translated.  Not since the Tower of Babel has it been possible to communicate with anyone anywhere at any time. 

The Academy is a 3D virtual reality complex with four unique areas: 

The Town Hall is the Academy's heart where people socialize, customize their avatars and Robots, make friend, and build legacies.

The Learning Center is the Academy's mind where people enroll in home school, life skills classes, visit the digital library, receive mentorships, and learn vocational skills.

The Marketplace is the Academy's economic engine where people buy and sell goods and services.    

The Museum is the Academy's soul where people display their non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and digital art.  It hosts social gatherings, competitions, and special events.

The Concert Hall is the Academy’s spirit where people socialize as they go to concerts, debates, lectures, and comedic stand ups.  People witness 3D VR recreations of the world’s greatest speeches and lectures.

In addition to our proprietary education, students will go on VR group tours to places like Avantis World.  Avantis World is a VR education theme park that offers over 100 adventures.  

The Clinic is a 3D virtual reality facility that will host Board Certified Behavioral Analysists (BCBAs) who are clinically trained to diagnose and develop treatment plans for anyone with developmental delays like autism.  The BCBAs will provide one-on-one diagnostic testing, create treatment plans, train guardians, supervise support groups, and develop our proprietary digital library.

Spectrue (STRUE) is the native utility token used for all transactions.  We self-fund through the sale of NFTs, Founder’s Club Memberships, socially responsible meme tokens, and the sale of its native utility token Spectrue (STRUE) on the Stellar network.  

Spectruth because truth is special.  

Spectruth Academy:

The Town Hall



The Town Hall is the heart where people socialize, customize their avatars and Robots, find love, and build legacies.  It is a large building made up of many smaller shops surrounding a large courtyard used for social gathering.  A Wishing Well is the courtyard’s main center piece. 

Some of the more popular storefronts are: 

Bank: where people can purchase STRUE tokens, receive user rewards, purchase Spectruth’s socially responsible meme tokens, apply for grants or scholarships,   

Robots and More: where users customize their Robot with free and premium content.  Exclusive colors, badges and accessories is available for purchase. 

Avatar and Me: where users customize their avatars with free and premium content. 

My Legacy: where everyone purchases Wishing Well coins, personalized bricks, and memorial statutes for dedication and legacy. 

Walking paths lead out of the Town Hall for people to explore the remaining Island and all adjoining areas.


The Learning Center




The Learning Center has academic buildings for home school, vocational training, and a library.

The home school programs are licensed with the appropriate government agencies.  It focuses on STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathmatics) with online and local partnerships providing its extracurricular activities.  Postmodern topics like gender identity or critical race theory are not taught.

Our curriculum focuses on using positive reinforcements with direct instruction and precision teaching method.  Programs like the Mahoney Method (precision) or the Morningside Method (direct) are life-changing to children.  Our proprietary curriculums will incorporate precision teaching method with direct instruction for children without developmental delays.  Our proprietary curriculums will incorporate precision teaching method with direct instruction and applied behavior techniques for children with developmental delays.

Children’s virtual social interactions with fellow students and teachers are similar to social interactions while attending a brick-and-mortar school. 

Extracurricular Activities (ECA)

Children will have access to numerous extracurricular activities.  The Academy will host:

  • Virtual science fairs,

  • math teams,

  • chess clubs,

  • STEM events,

  • Programming club (alternative to Roblox)

Partnerships and events will be created for our students to safely meet on another in person as well as online.   


Mentorships from vetted adults will play a key role in helping develop well-rounded young adults. 

Vocational Programs

Vocational programs are available for users of all ages who want to learn how to create an income within the metaverse.  The core programs include classes on creating and selling NFTs, game and blockchain programming, and website designing.  (Special grants and scholarships are offered for combat veterans or adults diagnosed with developmental delays looking for new vocational skills.)  We are seeking partnerships with non-profits that will provide the computers through grants.     

Proprietary Education Library

Everyone has access to our free proprietary education library of subjects relating to all aspects of our user’s lives from birth to grave.  A large portion of the library is for people seeking self-help.  However, unlike most libraries, a large catalog of videos is dedicated to answering some of the most common questions that parents ask. 

A sample of some of the questions include:

How do I teach how to tie shoelaces?

How do I introduce new food choices?

The truth about vaccines…

Will my child be able to live on their own?

Will my child be able to get married?

If my child has kids of their own, will they also be affected?

How do I teach about puberty?

Why is the sleep schedule so different?

What can I do at home when there is a meltdown?

And thousands of more topics…


The Marketplace



The Marketplace is the metaverse’s economic engine that expands by creating new indoor and outdoor spaces.  Virtual kiosks, STRUE, and auto-translation create the best possible business opportunities in the new metaverse emerging marketplace.

Virtual kiosks are available for lease and purchase.  The kiosks display their goods for sale and samples of their skills being offered for hire. 

Transactions in the marketplace are extremely simple because STRUE is used for all transactions.      

Auto-translation adds to the simplicity of transacting business within the marketplace.  Language barriers are eliminated because all visual signs and messages auto-translates into the user’s native language.  Likewise, all spoken communication auto-translates in the user’s headsets for seamless communication. 

Without language barriers and using STRUE, tribalism is eliminated.  For example, for the first time in history, anyone anywhere will be able to purchase a Kimchi recipe book from an elderly North Korean lady, hire a Mexican Spanish tutor, or hire a Kenyan for programming without currency, political or language barriers.   

The Marketplace hosts business opportunities never before seen.

The Museum



The Museum is the soul where people display their non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and digital art.  It will host social gatherings, competitions, and special events.

Hosting Competitions

NFTs are a great income source and helps many people generate livable incomes.  The Museum will host NFT competitions where our users can submit their creations into an online competition.  The competition’s winner is determined by its ultimate sale price. 

Each NFT submission will have:

  • Provenance,

  • Creator’s bio, pictures, and/or video

  • IP release

The breakdown of the auctioned items will be as follows:

  • 70% creator

  • 10% pool

  • 10% Spectruth

  • 10% charity

The pool will be broken down:

  • 1% to winner

  • ½% to the next 99 winners

  • ¼% to the winners 100-200

  • 8% artist commission’s fund

  • 8% charity

  • 8% future pool


The Clinic



The 3D VR Clinic is a separate building located on the Spectruth Campus near the Academy.  It will host licensed Board Certified Analysts who:

  • administer accurate diagnostic tools,
  • create training videos,
  • personalize therapy programs,
  • provide group therapy sessions,
  • create life-skills development,
  • monitor mentorships,
  • work with AI programmers,
  • and advanced research. 

Our goal is to meet the needs for all of our users.  The pandemic restrictions showed the need for online diagnostic and therapy.  Additionally, tasks perfomed online greatly reduce the time that parents need to commit for preparing, transporting, and attending meetings with their children.  Also, therapists from around the world will be able to offer their skills and services to children any where at any time.  

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental disorder with symptoms ranging from relatively mild to extreme. People with severe symptoms are usually diagnosed at a very young age—and most people with moderate symptoms learn of their diagnosis in childhood.

But what if you're not sure that symptoms in a child or adult are really signs of autism? When that's the case, you may want to try out one of the many available online diagnostic tests and quizzes.

Why Online Tests Have Become Popular

Autism is a developmental disorder that has no established biological markers. As a result, it can only be diagnosed through observation and interviews.  Thus, while it may not be possible to receive a definitive autism diagnosis without the involvement of a professional practitioner, it is possible to observe behaviors and answer interview questions online.

Over the course of the past several years, major researchers and institutions have developed online screening tools based on observations by parents or adults who suspect autism in their children or in themselves.

Recently, with the advent of broadband streaming and the fast growth of telemedicine (remote medical care as a result of COVID-19), even professional diagnosticians and therapists are finding online testing, observation, and treatment to be useful. In fact, therapists working with and for schools are now actually required, in many cases, to provide remote therapies.

What Online Tests Can Tell You

Online screening tools can't substitute for a full diagnostic team, but they can suggest that further testing and observation would be a good idea. They can also help provide a better understanding of the symptoms of autism. Use online tests to:

  • Quickly get a clearer understanding of what autism symptoms look like

  • Answer questions to help you determine whether there are red flags for autism

  • Decide whether to seek professional autism screening and evaluation

Online Quizzes for Adults

If you're an adult who wonders whether your challenges are the result of high-functioning autism, you're not alone. That's why several organizations have developed online screening tools to help you determine whether you could be on the autism spectrum, including:

The Adult Repetitive Behavior Questionnaire (RBQ-2) was developed by researchers in Wales and is the best-researched tool of its kind.2 It can be downloaded from the University of Cardiff website. Note that the researchers use the survey results to further their studies of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis. A shorter quiz based on this research can be found at the Exceptional Individuals website.

The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) Test was developed by well-known researcher Simon Baron-Cohen at the University of Cambridge in England. This test has been researched and found to be moderately accurate, even in its short 12-question version.3 It is available online in a variety of locations, including Wired Magazine.

PsychCentral has developed a short online quiz to provide some insight into whether you might have autistic traits. It's a quick, easy screening tool that in no way replaces an expert's diagnosis.

About Autism in Adults

Online Tests and Video Observations for Infants and Children

Most of the time, autism is diagnosed in children under the age of 3. Thus, most online tests, quizzes, and observations are designed for young children—and, of course, must be filled out by their parents.

It's important to remember that parent observations may be biased or simply incorrect. Therefore, while parental input is very important, it cannot substitute for professional observation of the child.

Why Positive Results May Be Incorrect

If one or more online tests suggests autism, it's important to remember that your findings may not be correct.

While it is possible to complete quizzes and tests at home, nonexperts may answer incorrectly because they don't have the knowledge or experience to know what the normal range of child development or adult behavior looks like.

In addition, many disorders have symptoms similar to particular aspects of autism. For example:

A child may not turn to you when you speak or respond to their name because they are hard of hearing.

There are many reasons children may be late talkers; these include hearing issues, apraxia of speech, and other developmental disorders.

Many people have sensory dysfunction (overreacting or underreacting to light, sound, pain, etc.) without having autism.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and several other developmental disorders look quite similar to high-functioning autism; it can be hard for a nonexpert to tell the difference in some cases.

Very high functioning individuals may test negative for autism in online tests but still be diagnosable by experts.

What to Do if the Results Are Positive

The best reason to take an online autism test is to screen for possible traits of autism. Once you've completed the screening and have found that autism is a possibility, it's time to take the next step.

If you have an infant or child showing signs of autism, start with a trip to the pediatrician and ask for an autism evaluation. Spectruth is there for parents who have pediatrician who can't or won't provide an evaluation.

Ideally, your child will be evaluated by a team that includes a developmental pediatrician or neurologist, a speech therapist, and an occupational therapist of which Spectruth will provide.

If you are an adult and believe you may have autism, you have options. Most adults with undiagnosed autism are high functioning, and you may have found ways to compensate for or taken advantage of your autistic symptoms.

If you are struggling, however, you may wish to find a psychologist, psychiatrist, or social worker who has specific experience working with adults on the spectrum. You may also want an official diagnosis if you are having trouble holding down a job and want to apply for Social Security as a disabled individual.  Spectruth will offer mentorship, vocational skills, life skills, and group therapy and one-on-one therapy for adults with autism.

Spectruth's use of AI in diagnostic testing will be able to address the concerns of many adults and children who may question whether they have developmental delay.  

Quick statistics: According to the CDC,

About 1 in 6 (17%) children aged 3–17 years were diagnosed with a developmental disability, as reported by parents, during a study period of 2009-2017. These included autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, blindness, and cerebral palsy.

About 1 in 44 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network.

ASD is reported to occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

ASD is more than 4 times more common among boys than among girls.

The curriculums for previous special need schools focused on using positive reinforcements with direct instruction and precision teaching method.  Programs like the Mahoney Method (precision) or the Morningside Method (direct) are life-changing to children with and without developmental delays equally.  Our proprietary curriculums will incorporate precision teaching method with direct instruction for children without developmental delays.  Our proprietary curriculums will incorporate precision teaching method with direct instruction and applied behavior techniques for children with developmental delays.

Helping Children Diagnosed with Developmental Delays

Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs) provide diagnostic testing, creating therapy programs, counseling, developing self and parent training videos, and publishing research articles, assist guardians, and develop the extensive therapeutic library.

With 1 in 6 children diagnosed with a developmental delay, we have dedicated a large portion of energy to meet their needs from birth to becoming the best versions of themselves as possible.  Every opportunity is given in providing the best education, therapeutic, social enrichment, and enjoyable environment as possible. 

The project manager and CEO have extensive experience founding various schools, clinics and community centers that focus on helping families and their children with development delays. 

For the Children

For the children affected by a developmental delay; there are opportunities in the metaverse to learn, play, socialize, receive therapy, and maybe even work. 

The children will interface with Spectruth using a Robot that is neutral with religion, gender, ethnicity, and political stereotyping.  It first appears in metallic orange mimicking the same dimensions as the user’s avatar and is fully customizable.  It awaits to have countless friendly interactions from simple talking, customizing the appearance together, helping with a school assignment, active listening, playing games, and recommending other users that the AI believes is a good social match. 

The education curriculum is precision teaching with direct instruction using positive reinforcement with ABA techniques (Applied Behavior Analysis).  When combined, the greatest likelihood of scientifically provable success has been measured.  The education levels start at low level home school until high school graduation.  Mentorships, certificate programs and vocation training are available for all age groups.   

Board Certified Behavioral

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a person with a certification in applied behavior analysis. BCBAs receive this certification through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) uses scientific and systematic processes to help influence an individual’s behavior. Behavior analysts can work in schools, classrooms, hospitals, clinics, and nonprofits; many analysts specialize in certain areas like autism, developmental disabilities, or mental health issues.

Board Certified Behavioral Analysts are vital to content development, diagnostic administration, treatment protocols, life skill training, therapeutic sessions, group sessions, parent training, research and publishing results for peer review.  

The BCBAs develop life skill programs to assist people of all ages and abilities to become self-sufficient. 

3D Interactive Virtual Apartment

In addition to the video library, a 3D virtual apartment allows people to practice everyday living skills like making a bed, washing dishes, laundry, organization, and general cleanliness. 

3D Virtual Interactions

There is a safe room where people can practice appropriate responses and behaviors when they interact with nurses, police and fire personnel.  Being able to practice meeting new people with social authority will help diminish future potential melt downs. 

For the Guardians

BCBAs will create opportunities for parent teaching, administer support groups, and create a searchable therapeutic library.  It is imperative that guardians have access to parent teaching to best help their loved ones.  Literature, videos, and live interactive seminars will be available. 

Support Groups

Support groups will be created to address the needs that go often ignored.  It is necessary that people do not feel alone and feel that there are people who can relate.  Support groups like, “Dads with ASD sons,” “Mom’s with ASD daughters,” plus many more will be created and administered by BCBAs.  (if my references to gender offend you, please create your own project or find another one)

Therapeutic Library

Everyone has access to our free proprietary education and therapy library with subjects relating to all aspects of our user’s lives from birth to grave.  A large portion of the library is for people seeking self-help.  However, unlike most libraries, a large catalog of videos is dedicated to answering some of the most common questions that parents ask. 

A sample of some of the questions include:

  • How do I teach how to tie shoelaces?

  • How do I introduce new food choices?

  • The truth about vaccines…

  • Will my child be able to live on their own?

  • Will my child be able to get married?

  • If my child has kids of their own, will they also be affected?

  • How do I teach about puberty?

  • Why is the sleep schedule so different?

Indirect Data Collection

However, indirect data points collected through interactive fun quizzes and puzzles will help create a more complete user profile.  Creative, fun and friendly tools will be used; for example, user friendly personality quizzes like “which Superhero/ Princess are you?”    

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