Spectruth founders club 




Spectrue NFT token


Welcome to Spectruth! We invest in businesses with a positive impact on society and reward our exclusive members with profits. Join the club and unlock the power of community investments.  A limited NFT collection of 10,000 where the token itself doubles as your membership.  


With membership, you will gain access to exclusive live events, personal communication with Team members, ability to offer your approved services to fellow members, and receive dividends from Club investments. 


Every year, 90% of the Club's profits are distributed to its Club Members.  Each Member will choose whether they wish to have their dividends paid in digital fiat, BTC, or ETH.  (This is a decentralized private Club so tax reporting is the Members duty.)  


The first socially responsible project to be funded is the Spectruth Clinic with annual meetings to vote on future projects.   


Join the Spectruth family now by visiting OpenSea and investing in Spectrue.