Spectruth, a Ukrainian LLC, establishes new orphanages as part of its social outreach and content development.  Due to recent events, Spectruth is joint venturing with Strategic Response Partners to rebuild orphanages destroyed in Ukraine and provide the therapy equipment and training necessary to help orphans with special needs.      

SRP has helped over 14,000 clients recover after tragedy and is dedicated to rebuild as many schools, orphanages, and hospitals that our resources allow.  Spectruth will supply these facilities with food, clothing, furniture, therapy equipment and train the staff in the latest in special need therapy.  

Before the Russian invasion, Ukriane had 100,000 orphans and it is too early to project the increase afterwards.  Extra attention will be given to create new programs designed for special need children because of the increased likelihood that these children will not be adopted quickly.  

Orphans with special needs are a challenge to place in adoption because of the extra emotional and physical energy needed. As a result, most of the children do receive an adequate education, self-help techniques, mentorship, nor the vocational skills needed to be become self-sufficient.  The lack of purpose and training creates a feeling of abandonment in many affected young adults and they often become homeless or worse.

However, these children have hope because we will provide the much-needed shelter, healthy meals, education, mentorships, and therapy.  These children will have the greatest opportunities to become self-sufficient and productive members of our society upon completing the program.  

An experienced head therapist provides personalized therapy for each child while mentoring local staff into becoming Registered Behaviorists. The Registered Behaviorists receive the best training and tools available so they can administer the latest in scientifically proven therapy methods.

In addition to therapy, the Registered Behaviorists combine therapy with education and vocational skills training so the children have real world experience. The education is tailored to each child's ability and strengths to maximize their chance for success in life.

The orphanage will incorporate the successful programs perfected at previous clinics; such as, offering Special Olympics, emotional support groups, Lego therapy, Minecraft training, and working with emotional support animals.

The meals will be developed by licensed nutritionists and tailored for each individual child with special care for potential food allergies and intolerances.

Spectruth will provide the computer equipment and training necessary for children who are capable of programming and other computer related occupations.

We will rebuild each Orphanage to the Gold Standard that the world will imitate.

Truly everyone will benefit:

  • The orphans will receive the best possible living conditions, education, training, with treatment, and
  • Therapists will have the best controllable environment to best treat developmentally delayed children, while the
  • Clinicians will have the best controllable environment to research, while
  • Society will benefit by saving future government assistance cost, and
  • The therapeutic field will benefit from treatments being properly vetted, and
  • Blockchain community will benefit from the good will associated with its application.  


Establish a Scholarship


Aslan Scholarships (named after its founder Mikail Aslan) are awarded to five (5) children diagnosed on the autism spectrum that are learning a vocational skill necessary to earn an income within the metaverse.


Holz Scholarships (named after its funder Dr. Carl W. and Rebecca J. Holz) are awarded to five (5) combat wounded veterans that are learning a vocational skill necessary to earn an income within the metaverse.


Simes Scholarship (names after its funder Roy and Olena Simes) are awarded to five (5) Ukrainian children that are learning a vocational skill necessary to earn an income within the metaverse.


Fill out the form on the contact page to learn how to establish your own scholarhship.