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Spectruth is developing an artificially intelligent virtual 3D therapy clinic to diagnose and treat over 200+ million children with anxiety and/or developmental delay disorders.  


According to the CDC, 1-in-6 children can be diagnosed with developmental delay disorders, and 1-in-3 suffer from anxiety. Children have to meet a a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (“BCBA”) to be diagnosed. The BCBA recommends individual therapy treatment plans based on the data collected during their sessions. The child often recieves therapy from a Registered Behavior Technicians (with 40 hours of training) who reports the treatment's progress back to the BCBA.  The more severe disorders require more therapy.   


Current physical and modern online therapy clinics cannot meet the demand let alone any future increase.


Spectruth will meet the current and future needs by utilizing artificial intelligently learning machines. We will combine our propriety diagnostic and treatment plan database with large language model BLOOM AI and OpenAI with their 350 billion combined parameters.  Users will experience a stunning 2D/3D virtual world experience by Spectruth's use of 03DE with DALL*E 2.  


Spectruth's treatment recommendations will merge countless scientifically proven diagnostics and treatments with the efficiency of artificially intelligent learning machines that are accessible via smartphones, computers, and VR hardware.


Blockchain technology will provide our users' private data safe with highest level of data protection.


Spectruth has three patent pending applications submitted to the United States Patten and Trademark Office.  


The first patent pending application will minimize the users’ anxiety by implementing our proprietary time-limited color spectrum and binaural background music choices. 


In the second patent pending application, pertains to Spectruth's use of AI engines employed on various levels beginning with a virtual robot which will interact directly with the users and collect first person data. The virtual robot will function as a web extension browser tool so it can function on any website. 


The third patent pending application relates to an additional AI engine that categorizes, optimizes, and analyzes mega data pools created by aggregate virtual robot data pools. Based on the data collected, imputed proprietary data, and board certified behavioral analysts, an AI engine will recommend the best therapy treatment plan. 


Spectruth's use of BLOOM AI, OpenAI, O3DE, DALL*E 2 with its patent pending novel inventions will create Spectruth's metaverse: Main Hall, Clinic, and Library.


Metaverse is a popular term that describes when many different 3D virtual spaces come together seamlessly where people see, touch, and feel what their online avatars experience. Our metaverse will be optimized to allow our users (using VR hardware) a full immersion experience with the ability to experience what their avatar experiences while it walks, talks, feels, touches, and explores our 3D virtual world.   


Our site will be easily accessible via smartphones, tablets, AR/VR hardware, and computers. Its 3D features will allow users to feel a true metaverse experience. 


Users will enter the Main Hall where they customize their avatars, view community events, socialize or enter the Clinic or Library


The Clinic provides users with access to AI diagnostic testing and treatments and group therapy times.  


The Library will provide educational videos addressing various topics relating to developmental delays, life skills, for example. Each video, as well as our site in general, will be optimized for Web 3.0 and 2D/3D viewing regardless if the user is using their smartphone or VR hardware. 


Each user will be assigned an AI virtual robot ("Robot") as a web browser extension. The Robot will assist users with their general internet use while orienting each user to our metaverse's unique features, help with tutoring, practice social skills, recommend friends and events, and join them as they explore. The Robot will learn from every interaction and becomes a vital lifelong friend and companion.  


Language translation software will allow various languages to be instantly translated so users can communicate in their native tongue without any language barriers. Not since the Tower of Babel has it been possible to communicate with anyone anywhere at any time. 


Spectruth will use artificial intelligent large language modeling BLOOM AI, Linux's O3DE, and DALLE*2 to create the best possible virtual 2D/3D environment possible for children to receive developmental delay diagnostic testing and treatments.  



Sample from our AR/VR developers in China